Effective Branding Workshop: December 14, 2014

Happy Thursday loves!

As promised, TODAY is the day that you get to secure your spot for the upcoming Branding Workshop in December!


Prepare for 2015 by learning about how you can create or improve your brand for maximum effectiveness in growing your photography business!


On December 14, we will meet at an awesome location in Washington, DC for a half-day branding workshop!

This workshop is $350 and it includes:

  • Pre-workshop exercises so that you are prepared for what will be covered
  • A fun and interactive branding presentation
  • Personal brand critiques for all attendees
  • Branding workbook
  • goodies from my wonderful sponsors Miller’s, Shootproof, The Branding Muse, and Britney Jeanine Designs!
  • Breakfast & snacks will be provided as well!

You will walk away with concrete steps you can take to improve or create a brand that is effective and truly you! I am actually in the process of a mini rebrand myself so in addition to the current curriculum, I’ll also be sharing new lessons learned and helpful resources that you’ll be able to use in helping build or improve your brand!


Is it worth it? Hear what attendees of my previous branding workshops have to say:

I started photography back in 2011.  At that time I didn’t put much thought into branding.  I was about “what looks pretty”.  This led to multiple purchases… blogs templates, new website templates, logos… if there was something pretty on Etsy I had to have it!  While attending BLINK and DFinney Photography’s workshop I learned so much that will help further my business and cut down on all those unnecessary purchases…most importantly I found ME.  I am MY brand and now my blog, social media and website reflect that!”

-Katrina Amburgey who implemented what she learned and now has a great new look and feel for her brand- Katrina Amburgey Photography.

“I was tired of being the ‘Everything Photographer’ and wasn’t sure how to break the mold, but knew I had to invest more thought into branding.  When I heard that Danielle was offering an Effective Branding For Your Photography, I knew had to attend. I walked away with a greater awareness about what branding was and was not. Before this workshop, I thought branding was "just” about the perfect logo and my favorite colors. I walked away thinking, it’s time to go hard or go home. If I wanted to move away from the “Everything Photographer”, I had to do a complete overhaul on my brand and identity within the Photography community. That’s when Britney came into the brand equation, she was able to capture my personality and design a platform to convey exactly who I am and what my brand represents.“

-Tee Kent who implimented what she learned both from the branding workshop AND her work with Britney Jeanine Designs to come up with the great new look and feel for her brand- Tee Kent Photography.

I’m so excited to be partnering with Britney for the workshop because she is the perfect next step after attending. I will provide you with a great foundation for how to create or improve your brand and she will help you design it!


Ready to book your spot?


Please don’t hesitate in deciding whether or not you’d like to attend because these seats are going to move fast. I will always keep the workshops small because I want to make sure everyone gets the attention that they need. So if you’re ready to register, you can do so here!

I look forward to working with you and helping you see just how you can bring your brand to life!