December Updates


Happy Tuesday beautiful people!

I hope the day is going well so far for you :) I’m back in action after an unplanned month long blog hiatus with lots and lots of things to share, so let’s dive in to it!

December: Blogging All Month Long


The end of 2014 got here so much faster than I realized and I have so many things still to share from the past few months! And I don’t want to carry too much over into the new year lol. So, I’ll be sharing new posts every day! So be sure to check back to see everything that’s new!

Teaching Programs for 2015


This year has been an amazing one for teaching! I was working on something a couple days ago and it just hit me how many people I’ve taught this year and it gave me such a warm feeling :) I really love that this element has been added to my business. My motto is always simplicity so I’ve implemented a new (simplified) teaching program that I will dedicate its own post to next week. I just wanted to kind of give you a heads up :)

End of the Year Special


I didn’t participate in Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday this year because I’ve been swamped! But I didn’t forget about doing an end of the year special :) This special is fairly exclusive though as it is for my 2013-2014 clients:

For any of my 2013-2014 clients who weren’t able to place an order before their gallery expired, you can now! If you email me during the month of December and wish to re-open your gallery to place an order, the re-archival fee will be waived! I always want everyone to be able to enjoy their images so please make sure you take advantage of this!

Availability: No Remaining 2014 Dates


December 2014 is officially booked! Unless we are already in communication, I will not be accepting any additional bookings for this month and I will also be taking January 2015 off, so your next available dates to book are February and March 2015. Thank you so much for all of your awesome support this year and I look forward to more wonderfulness in 2015!

Early 2015 Travel


Though 2014 has been a wonderful year and I am beyond thankful for being able to travel for work, it has taught me that I don’t like being on the move constantly. So unless it is absolutely necessary, I will only be traveling once a month- but not every month because it will depend on existing commitments here at home :) So, for early 2015, I will be visiting the following cities:

February- Atlanta, GA
March- Houston, TX
May- Chicago, IL

Specific dates and details will be announced later in the month when you will be able to secure your spot to attend a mentor session or have a photo shoot.

This was the longest news & updates that I can remember! Lol I need to do these more frequently so they don’t end up so long. Anyway, stay tuned for a couple more posts today and let me know if you’d like to see your city added to the list for 2015!