Maternity Fashion | What to Wear

Happy Tuesday loves!

Sharing those maternity sessions yesterday made me realize something- maternity fashion is not talked about enough! A big area of concern when folks reach out for pictures is wardrobe- what do I wear?!

While I have a portrait guide that I share with my clients after they book, it’s not specific to session types, so I don’t have a specific section for maternity outfit ideas, couples coordination, family color palettes, etc (even though that is a good idea… I’ll get there eventually lol). So I think I will start to do posts like these from time to time as a good reference when I need to point folks in the direction for their session.

I will say that although I love fashion myself, I never dress anyone for their session. Why? Because then your photos wouldn’t be a true reflection of you! My goal is always to capture the real you- just a more refined version :) So when folks ask for ideas, I have them show or tell me the kinds of things that they normally wear, then I can make educated suggestions for outfit ideas that would be a good fit for them. This kind of assistance is not always necessary though (or required). In the end, what my clients wear, is what they want to wear. I can simply suggest what will and will not photograph well :)

Bringing it back on topic… this is what I’ve run into from lot of momma’s to be envisioning for their maternity photos: bare bellies galore! Lol while there’s nothing wrong with this, I loveeee the amazing outfit possibilities that being pregnant affords you!

And since sometimes folks don’t have a visual, that’s what I’m here for :) Just like you can outfit a non-pregnant body in any number of ways, you can do the exact same for your baby belly! I want this post to inspire momma’s to be to think beyond bare belly maternity photos :)

Here are a few of my suggested faves:

Flowy maternity looks are some of my absolute favorites! I love the bohemian feel to these.


Not into that much material? No worries :) You can opt for a more chic maternity look!


Have a more edgy look in mind? I love when momma’s to be aren’t afraid to be funky


Not into any of that dressing up business? No worries! Please don’t feel like dressing up is mandatory for your photos! Remember, your photo session should be an accurate reflection of YOU! If dressing down is your thing, casual looks can still be done very nicely for photos.


And if you don’t remember anything else… I beg of you: please don’t be afraid of color and prints! They do amazing things in pictures and just help bring life to the overall image!


So… these are just a few ideas to help you think about your maternity photos in a more fashionable light ;)

Oh! And each of them link to the respective pins (all photos are courtesy of Pinterest). Interested in checking out more maternity looks that I love? Check out my maternity board here!

Let me know what you thought of this post and if you’re looking forward to more like them!

Have a great Tuesday!