Blog Newness! | News & Updates

Happy Friday and welcome to July!

I'm kicking off the half-year mark with a brand new blog! Do you like? :)

It's literally been sitting for the past 6+ months, but this week I finally managed to get it finished! I still plan to add a few things and tweak a few others (in addition to giving my site itself a facelift, and editing photos, and, and, and...) but one thing at a time. And I'm happy to finally have the new blog up and running!

It can still be accessed via, it will just no longer link to Squarespace is awesome btw if you were unsure- importing my existing Tumblr posts was so seamless! Of course the comments were left behind, but everything else is perfect!

So take a peek around!

Everything is pretty similar, just a bit cleaner design and bigger pictures (when viewing on a desktop). I'm phasing out the use of my gray and white striped graphic that I introduced 4 years ago when I rebranded, but everything else will be the same. I still think my brand colors and logo fit me just fine, so I didn't need an overhaul, just a slight refresh :)

Speaking of refresh, things have been verrrrry slow thus far on the blog this year (mainly because I've been having a not so great year) and blogging took more time than I had the energy for, but this new platform is so easy to use so I'll definitely be blogging more and sharing the 6+ months of photos and mentoring recaps I've been sitting on (a few images are below), in addition to WRITING more!

I changed the URL of the blog to because I will not only be sharing my client work, but I want to speak more about life and things other than my work (when I find the energy to do so :)

Oh! I also have a DC group mentoring session coming up in 2 weeks, and we need a model!
Check out the casting details HERE and email me if you'd like to participate!

I hope you'll join me on this new blogging journey! Let me know what you think of the new digs!