#NoShameDay | Mental Health Monday

Happy Monday to you  💚 

Today is #NoShameDay, an initiative launched by The Siwe Project- a global non-profit dedicated to promoting mental health awareness throughout the global black community, founded by writer Bassey Ikpi. #NoShameDay is a campaign that focuses on stigma reduction through storytelling and community building.

I became familiar with Bassey's mental healthy advocacy a couple years ago, prior to my diagnoses, and I was always drawn to her writing. Since being diagnosed earlier this year, I relate a little more fully to her and I deeply appreciate how she is able to beautifully articulate this not-so-beautiful struggle. It is incredibly helpful because not only am I able to understand where she's coming from, but I sincerely appreciate her sharing in the first place.

Which leads me to #NoShameDay. I can absolutely say that Bassey's mental health advocacy has encouraged me to do the same and I am so very thankful, and even happier to support her initiative!

Living with bipolar depression, ADD, and some OCD tendencies has not been (and will not be) an easy journey, but I can say that sharing and talking about it, has definitely helped. The stigma surrounding mental illness is damaging. Damaging because it keeps people from seeking help. Damaging because it causes unnecessary silence and lack of support for those suffering... And it can only be remedied by TALKING about it! So I'm doing my part.

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This past week was a tough one and I had to reach out for some positive reinforcement. The idea to even do so came from a post Bassey made the week prior, and it really resonated with me. Why do we feel like we need to do this alone? I don't know, but it's a mental block I have to actively work at overcoming constantly. 

In light of the tumultuous world scene, my work seems so trivial. But I have such a tenuous grasp on sanity these days as it is, and I realize that I need to engage in intense self-care to stay afloat. Including but not limited to prayer, reading my bible, spending time in nature, and creating... 


It's kind of fitting that I've been drawn to being in and shooting more greenery lately. I didn't realize it, but green is the color for mental health awareness! 

I keep saying that I'm going to stop making these posts novel length, but I guess I should just learn to embrace my wordiness lol.

That's it for today.

If you haven't, please visit The Siwe Project's website to learn more and check out the #NoShameDay hashtags on the various social media platforms to read the stories and to share your support as well!