Thank You! | #dfinneyheadwraps

Welcome to November! I hope your month is off to a good start so far :)

Today's post is simply a gigantic


For what, you ask? For being such awesome folks, supporting my baby headwrap endeavor, and selling out in less than one week! What?!


I was absolutely not expecting that. Honestly I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't that, for sure lol.


It makes my heart rejoice every time I check the #dfinneyheadwraps hashtag on instagram and see the new and gorgeous ways people are styling their headwraps


My boo Christin even filmed a tutorial with hers :)

I was not planning to do another collection until the new year, but that changed once I saw how many folks were interested and bummed that they weren't able to grab one before they sold out... sooo

#dfinneyheadwraps Fall Collection will be launching on November 15!

If you haven't already, sign up for the mailing list so you'll be the first to know when they're available!

This collection is full of beautiful warm colors and these prints will go perfectly with your fall wardrobe :)


Tutorials are coming!

Since I wasn't expecting the first collection to sell out so fast, I didn't have the tutorials ready, but they will be this time! So you'll have some new headwrap styles to try :) But you should totally be checking out Christin's tutorial so you can rock that fly headwrap in the meantime!

AND make sure you listen to the September Collection playlist :) There will be a brand new playlist accompanying the Fall Collection as well!

Well that's it for today, but again I want to say THANK YOU! Your support truly means a lot to me, and I couldn't do this without you!

I hope you have a beautiful day