Lydia | One-on-One Mentor Session [February 12-13] | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

Good Monday afternoon to you!

I'm stopping in today with a brand new Mentor Monday recap! It's been a while, but I fully intend to catch up with my 2016 mentoring recaps before the year is out lol.

So let's throw it on back to an EXTREMELY cold two day mentoring session with Lydia back in February! When I say it was cold, it was FRIGID! Literally that is the one of the top things that stands out in my mind when I think about this day lol.

Day 1 of her session was all about natural light shooting. We went over the basics and some not so basics before heading out to photograph our models to put into practice all she just learned!

I am so thankful for our beautiful models, the Stanley family- they were some serious troopers as we quickly shot our way through Lydia's practice session :)

Lydia wanted to work on her senior photography, with a focus on incorporating the family into a few shots because it's important to show the senior's family support system. I absolutely loved that idea, and we had the perfect family to bring her vision to life!

Check out a few of my favorite shots from our practice session:


Makeup for mom and daughter by Denyelle D. Beauty.

Day 2 was all about Lydia!

Lauren Dew came through with beautiful makeup for Lydia's headshots- which we opted to do indoors because it actually snowed that morning!

Here are my faves from her headshot session:


Afterwards, we touched on just about every area you can think of for business. Lydia had an excellent system in place already, so it was really just a matter of tweaking her existing operations, and seeing how best to move her forward to reach her goals!

What did she think of the session? Hear from Lydia directly on her DFinney Mentoring experience:

"I absolutely loved learning with and getting to know Danielle during our two-day 1:1 mentoring session! Danielle shared explicit tips and strategies she uses to effectively find great light every.single.time.

I was SO excited that our session included models, and that Danielle ensured that the models fit my goals for the session. The session format allowed me to get hands-on experience with Danielle's techniques immediately after reviewing them - super helpful!

Day 2 was also extremely useful. Getting my own makeup session and photoshoot was fun on its own, and also helped me connect with how my own clients experience portrait sessions. We talked and WORKED through the business areas I had prioritized, and I walked away with a solid plan to continue building my business, in excellence.

Thank you, Danielle, for an amazing experience my business and my clients will continue to benefit from!"

Thank you soo much Lydia! I had a great time working with you and have been so happy with how amazingly your business has progressed this year!

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