Traci | One-on-One Mentor Session 102 [February 25] | Atlanta, GA Photography Instructor

Happy Mentor Monday!

I'm keeping up on my goal to catch up on my 2016 mentoring recaps and today I'll be sharing my Atlanta sessions from earlier this year!

When Denyelle and I arrived in Atlanta, one of my first sessions was a one-on-one business session with Traci!

Traci and I first met three years ago at the first annual Blink Conference in November 2013 where I spoke about branding! Fast-forward a few months, and she participated in my very first group mentoring session in February 2014!

The following year I began offering business mentoring, and Traci was once more apart of my first group Session 102 in Atlanta!


So when she reached out this year for a one-on-one business session so we could go more in depth with her specific business needs, I was excited to work with her once more :)

Included in the session were new headshots, and here are my faves!

We tackled quite a few things during our time together, and we were able to go a bit more in depth regarding some of her fears and how to overcome them. By the end of the day, Traci walked away with a hefty to-do list, but also a new dose of confidence to carry it all out :)

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