But What If It Rains? | Washington, DC Photographer

That is a very valid question! And it's one that sits in the back of your mind when you book a shoot with an on-location photographer, whether you realize it or not. Because although beautiful, outdoor sessions mean that we are depending on unpredictable weather! Since the Spring season can sometimes be a rainy one, I thought it would be fitting to write this blog to help allay those fears!

So what happens if it rains the day of your shoot? In short, the show will go on :)

Sometimes this means that the shoot is moved to a new date, other times we simply do a venue change! The decision is made depending on each client- if they are unavailable on another date, then we will move forward with the session at a suitable indoor location -OR- if we discuss that a reschedule would be feasible, then a new date is scheduled. That's it! Easy, right?

It seems that way in theory, but there can still be a bit of anxiety about shifting to an indoor session when you were planning for one outdoors. Unless there's a planned location that my client would like to use, I typically select a suitable location to make sure that the final image is a cohesive one, so no need to worry there- I got you!

What does this look like in practice? Take a look! Below are several real sessions that had to be shifted to indoor locations due to rain :)

Storms threatened Ron & Imani's maternity session and with their baby boy on the way, we couldn't reschedule! So we shifted their session to a beautiful indoor location.

Traci came down for the day from Philly for her 102 Mentor Session and it rained alllll day! We shot her headshots indoors and even snagged a few outdoors underneath the building awnings :)

Sean & Marcia planned their anniversary session to fall exactly on their anniversary weekend, and... it rained! We were able to take some gorgeous photos in their hotel and even snuck in a few outdoors when the rain let up.

The Powell Family session was supposed to be an outdoor session, but... rain. Not just light rain, heavy steady rain. ALL DAY! We couldn't reschedule because mom & dad were moving to Hawaii the following week, so an indoor location came to the rescue!

Gina's brand session was altered due to rain as well, but we rocked her business photos indoors!

The Wright Family! We have serious history with rain affecting our work together over the years lol (stay tuned tomorrow for that :) But on this day, it was a gray and misty day that only allowed us a few shots outdoors (just under the entryway), the rest were sweet family photos in their lovely home!

So there's no need to fear rain on the day of your session! I watch the weather like a hawk lol, so I'm always prepared either way we'll need to go. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Stay close because I'll be blogging ALL WEEK in honor of the return of Spring next week! 

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