Wednesday Update | STUDIOS Architecture & Red Thread Sessions

So I think I might institute a new thing… Wednesday Update- where I share the latest news and interesting info, anything new that’s going on with DFinney Photography! what do you think?

We’ll see if I stick with it, but today I have lots of news to share :)

If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you probably already know this (I was super excited to share, I couldn’t wait till I blogged about it lol)… I was contacted by STUDIOS Architecture in DC for a last minute job for headshots yesterday and they turned out great! I think it was the quickest booking, shoot, and turnaround ever- all taking place in a matter of 2 days lol. I worked with STUDIOS last year for updated staff headshots so it was a pleasure to work with them again. I was so excited when I checked their website this morning:


Guess whose headshots are on the front page?? :D Such an awesome find! And congrats are in order for the 3 new Principals- congrats on your promotions!

Next on the agenda: Have you noticed the new badge over to the right? I am now a Red Thread Sessions Photographer!


What is Red Thread Sessions you ask? from their website:

It is a group of photographers who have graciously offered to donate their time to celebrate your adoption through photography. A Red Thread Session is a complimentary photography session held during your homecoming or shortly after you have become an adoptive family. Participating photographers have agreed to celebrate your adoption by completely waiving their session fee and offering edited proofs from your session at no cost to you.

So excited to be a part of this awesome organization and eagerly looking forward to my first session :)

Have you (or someone you know) recently added to your family by means of adoption? You might be eligible for a Red Thread Session!

How do you qualify for a Red Thread Session?
If you have added to your family through adoption within the last 3 months, you qualify for a Red Thread Session! Your adoption must have been final within the last 3 months. You may be asked to show proof of your adoption date given the charitable nature of a Red Thread Session. Each family qualifies for only one Red Thread Session per adoption and must sign a Red Thread Session model release.

If you’re interested, please visit their website for more helpful information

Well,that’s all the news and updates for today! Back to editing I go :)