Wednesday Update | Natural Chica

Heyy guys!

So it’s been a few days… and I have soo much to update you guys on :)

Remember the session I did a couple weeks ago with Mae of Natural Chica? Her session has received sooo much love, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who left feedback on the facebook album, Natural Chica’s link, and here on the blog! I also want to extend a big WELCOME to all the new folks that have found me through Mae :) Her session has been my top viewed, liked, commented, & reblogged entry- all thanks to you lovely folks!

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from my lovely makeup artist for Mae’s shoot- Denyelle:


I loove this next one! And I love Denyelle for putting it together :)
Denyelle’s view | Danielle’s view- How cool is that!


So one other awesome thing? (If you follow me on instagram you already know :) Less than a week after our session, I was tagged on instagram in this photo:


And I couldn’t believe it! Was this a magazine? I’d never heard of curlBox! But I looked at their website and saw they are a natural hair product subscription service! I received an email from the company regarding the photo- the art director for curlBox saw Mae’s photos on the web and fell in love with them! They reached out to Mae for use of the photo and she made sure I was properly credited :)

 For the next week or so, curlBox posted teaser photos:


And each time I was just as excited as if it was my first time seeing them lol… it’s so awesome seeing my work in print! I am now waiting patiently to receive mine :)


I have soo much to update you guys on, and not enough time! I’ll be doing a second installment later on today about an exciting new project I’ve been working on :)

Till next time!