Truthy Thursday | Don’t Stop Talking About It

Good Thursday afternoon to you  ❤

It’s a gloomy day here in DC, but I’m trying to make the best of it :)

I wanted to drop in quickly with a follow-up to my post last month. I was so overwhelmed with the response it received! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I was touched by the personal stories that were shared with me and incredibly thankful that I am apart of such a wonderfully supportive community. 

I have always been appreciative of really honest stories and articles regarding mental illness, as well as artists and public figures speaking on their personal struggles. Since my diagnoses earlier this year, that interest has more than doubled, because instead of just having an interest, I understand what it’s like. 

We all know the stigma that mental illness has, so since I do have a very personal connection to it, I want to do my part of keeping the lines of communication open- in hopes that someone else can be helped to feel less weird about their mental illness or seek assistance in dealing with it. 

I don’t always have the energy, the words, or even the desire to speak about what I’m going through WHEN I’m going through it, but I am thankful for women like Bunmi Laditan and Bassey Ikpi (to name 2 specifically) that are able to beautifully articulate this not-so-beautiful struggle. It is incredibly helpful to read their posts because not only am I able to understand where they’re coming from, I appreciate their sharing in the first place, and there’s an added benefit of knowing that you’re not alone in this. Some days that helps and some days it doesn’t lol. 


But on that note (and the purpose for this post) I wanted to share some of the articles I’ve come across in the past few weeks that I’ve found really helpful. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful as well if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. If you’re not dealing with any of these issues yourself, I encourage you to read these articles anyway as it may help you understand a little what your friend or family member may be going through.

‘My Body Spasms. I Think I’m Going to Collapse’

One of my favorite artists, I really appreciated this interview with Laura Mvula regarding her ongoing struggle with anxiety and panic attacks.


The Anguish of Depression: ‘I Am Trying to Stay Alive’

I appreciate Bassey Ikpi soo much for being such a vocal mental health advocate. Her writing is masterfully moving.


What Does Depression Feel like?

Though depression is a “common” issue, the symptoms aren’t always the same, nor is it easily described. I thought this was a very good article.


Living with Bipolar Disorder

This really hit home. Victor Pope Jr is one of my favorite online comedians and I am so appreciative of him sharing his struggle with bipolar disorder. Especially when it comes to addressing the pressure of always having to be “on”.


So, this was my share for today… Maybe I should just shift to Truthy Thursday because I don’t remember the last time I actually posted a Truthy on Tuesday lol. I hope you’re able to check out these articles when you have a free moment and I thank you for being apart of this beautiful community ❤