Tiffany | Washington, DC Natural Light Photography Mentor

Happy Thursday!

Guess who managed to get a blog up in the morning today? :)

Putting this post together made me so happy because it’s full of great pictures, great memories, and great people. Right before I left for the Blink Conference in November, I had an amazing mentor session with Tiffany!

I’ve known Tiffany for a few years now and I was really excited when she told me she was ready to book her session. She saved up and made it happen! :)

We met over coffee and talked about tons of stuff… and I kinda changed her world when I explained my shooting process lol. After that we headed out to try out her new skills! These are a few of my favorites from her “test” shots :)


Seeing her eyes light up as she realized she CAN get the camera to see things as she does, was an amazing feeling! I also took her headshots as we were doing a little location scouting for the practice session with our models.


So then our beautiful couple arrives for their shoot aaaaaand this happens :(


I had a mini freak out because I dropped my camera and it landed lens first (on the ground you see pictured above) that destroyed my lens. My beloved 50/1.4 that I use 95% of the time when I shoot! I am sooo thankful for these guys. Everyone stayed calm and more importantly she shoots Nikon so I was able to share her 50/1.8 for our shoot with Courtney & Donnell (who were awesome models by the way :)


Are they not the most adorable couple ever? And their personalities are just as beautiful as they are :) I think I have to make a separate post just for them lol.

Here are a few words from Tiffany about her mentoring experience:

Danni. what an incredible young woman! My experience with DFinney Photography was EVERYTHING!!! She gave me so much more than I expected, but most importantly, she shared QUALITY information with me that has dramatically cut time off of my post production process! As well as several "ah ha” moments that gave me back the confidence that I personally had lost over the years of fading in and out of my craft. No fluff, just straight facts and hands on information. A little bit of general, but mostly filled with knowledge that I was lacking in my personal progression. Words can’t express how appreciative I am for this opportunity to have a one on one with a like minded creative being. A wise investment indeed! For anyone considering formal education, but you’re just not sure about a formal setting, a one-on-one just might be the way for you to go as well.“

This was a fun recap :)

If you’d like to book a mentor session, EMAIL ME today to secure a 2014 session at the current 2013 rates! 2014 rates will go into effect beginning December 10, so make sure you take advantage of the Cyber Week deals while they’re still in effect!

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