Bianca | Artist Spotlight

Happy Wednesday loves!

I’m slowly but surely bringing my blog back to life after a busy busy past couple months :) And I’m super excited to bring you another talented creative today with the artist spotlight!

Bianca is one of my faaavorite wardrobe stylists! I’ve known her for a few years now and I can honestly say that every one of our projects together has been amazing! She can bring any look to life and has an incredible talent for helping people look their best.


What is your name?
Bianca Cerise

Where are you located?
The DC area

What do you do?
I’m a wardrobe stylist.


How long have you been a wardrobe stylist?
Since the day my parents let me dress myself! I used to always sneak into my mom’s closet and borrow her clothes… but “professionally”, about 6-7 years


How did you become interested in styling and when did you know you wanted to be a wardrobe stylist?
I was always very interested in fashion, once I grew out of a short phase of being a follower in middle school- early high school, (what a travesty that was).  I thought for awhile that I wanted to be a full blown designer while I was in college… but when friends always asked to borrow my things and for advice on what to wear, it dawned on me that I really enjoyed dressing other people! And more than that, I had a natural talent for it.


Who are some of your influences/inspirations?
Karl Lagerfeld. He’s probably influenced the world of fashion in ways that people still haven’t fathomed yet. I also constantly wish for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s closets to have at my disposal.


What has been your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?
I got a call from a photographer in London that contacted me but he was only going to be in the DC area for a week! We had about two phone convos that blossomed into a cool idea. I had pretty much NO time to pull anything but he completely trusted my judgment and my ability with only my portfolio as his evidence… and it all worked out! it turned into a FANTASTIC shoot and ended up being my first successful magazine submission!  I work best under pressure and deadlines and this was just more proof. 

What other types of creative work do you do?
I curated a gallery exhibition earlier this year of my work. I’m also currently working on an accessories line with my younger sister.


What inspires you?
Anything can be inspirational depending on how you see it!


What keeps you motivated?
Constant change. Everything is always evolving and changing and so do my ideas and tastes. My passion is driven by my own curiosity and  the innate need to explore and push boundaries for myself and my work.


Any advice to fellow creatives (in your industry or otherwise)?
Surround yourself with other creative people! They will inspire you and push you to follow even what seems like the silliest of ideas. They will connect you with other people that may be able to help you. They support. They listen. They understand. It’s invigorating and the encouragement you need when you feel a little lost.


Any other fun tidbits we should know about you? 
I’m a runner newbie! Ran my first half marathon a couple months ago and it was an amazing experience. 


Where can we find you online? 
website: http://biancacerise
instagram: @biancacerise
twitter: @biancacerise
tumblr: @biancacerise
…and probably any other social media, BIANCA CERISE, lol

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Bianca a little better! Interested in working with her for your next photo shoot, event, or other creative project, please reach out to her! Her email address is and I know she would be happy to help bring your ideas to life :)

I have another artist spotlight coming your way this month as well too so keep an eye out for that!

‘Til next time,