Sheena | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

Next up today is Sheena!

Sheena is a federal lobbyist for a beauty company and wanted images that were fun that she could still use for work. Headshots that reflect her personality more than the typical crossed arm shot.

Like most of my clients who say they don’t photograph well or don’t like taking pictures, Sheena said the same. I assure them that they will love their photos as long as they relax and that’s just what she did :)


Quick story behind these: Sheena swore she didn’t want the typical arms crossed pose because it was corny… Then I discovered that she stands like that all the time! Lol so we tried it and she ended up liking it.  A pose is only corny when it’s not genuine :)


Hear what Sheena thought of her experience: 

“Danielle is a great and amazing photographer with the ability to capture moments that reflect your personality and even candid moments that turn out perfectly. I’m looking forward to taking more photos soon!”

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