Melinda | Alexandria, VA Headshot Photographer

Happy Thursday loves!

I’ve been writing all these long posts on the blog this week, so let me stop talking so much and share some pictures lol.

I have a few headshot sessions to share and first up is Melinda!

Melinda and her site designer reached out for what I’m going to call personality headshots :) I was so excited to hear that they’d considered multiple photographers and the decision to go with me was an easy one! (that sound you hear is me cheesing) lol. It was smooth sailing during the preliminary session planning, but the day came and Melinda was nervous and so not looking forward to taking pictures :(

Denyelle and I did our best to help her relax but it didn’t seem like it was working lol. Melinda said that she really doesn’t like taking pictures so it was hard to relax. Well, we got started and guess what? She ended up having a great time :D

So great in fact that I got the sweetest email from her after our session:

“Danielle - Thank you SO MUCH for yesterday.  You turned something I was not looking forward to into a truly enjoyable day.  The authentic smiles and laughter you said you saw were a product of you being you.  I love being around people that are doing what they love to do.  That in itself makes me happy.

So thank you for helping me through yesterday and making it fun.  You rock!  I’m now really excited to see the pictures!
Big hugs!”

Her message made my day! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that I’m able to have little breakthroughs like this with my clients. I really enjoy what I do and the fact that I’m able to make others feel good in the process is a sweet bonus :)

Well I did say I wasn’t going to talk as much, right? We see how well that’s going lol. Check out my faves from Melinda’s mini headshot session: 


If you’re interested in a headshot session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me and schedule yours today! Currently booking: October & November 2014.