Moremi | Houston, TX Lifestyle Photographer

Happy Monday loves! I’d planned to do another installment of Mentor Monday today, but I decided I wanted to share these photos of Moremi instead :)

This will forever be one of my favorite sessions simply for how it even came about in the first place- serendipity brought Moremi and I together 💛

I went to Target for a few things when I touched down in Houston this past March and this beautiful woman in the cosmetics section caught my eye. I was dead tired but I had to let her know how gorgeous she was! I did and we instantly clicked like old friends. I mentioned that I was in town for work and wished I lived there so we could shoot… But then we arranged an impromptu shoot for my only free day while I was there! This was sooo far out of my comfort zone (and hers too) but I am sooo happy with the results ^_^ 

Not only did I get to photograph this beautiful woman, but I have a new friend :)


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