June Models Needed + Summer Cancellations

Greetings beautiful people,

Just popping in to share a few quick updates-

Are you interested in being a model for one of my upcoming mentor sessions?

Dates needed are as follows:

Philadelphia, PA 
Thursday, June 25 

Washington, DC
Monday, June 29

Richmond, VA
Wednesday, July 1

Just two requirements: weekday availability & ability to pay $75 for professional makeup- your only cost.  That’s it!

Shoot me an email danielle@dfinneyphoto.com with at least one photo (you’re free to send more if you’d like) + indicate the city and date you’re interested in participating.

Note: Please don’t prevent yourself from being considered by not following these simple directions :)

You will receive a full set of high resolution images for compensation. Due to the high number of participants, I will not be able to respond to everyone individually- only those that will be chosen to work with will be contacted.

Due to scheduling adjustments, the August LA & SF dates have been cancelled. 

They will more than likely be rescheduled for next year or later this year, but those that have secured seats will receive refunds for the August dates. I will however be holding a second 102 date in Chicago early August for those who weren’t able to attend the first in May, so shoot me an email if you’re interested in attending!

No Summer Minis? Not this year :( Also due to scheduling adjustments, summer minis won’t be held this year. 2015 was front loaded with heavy travel and teaching… Over the past few weeks, I realized that I was doing too much, so I need to rest! So I’m looking forward to taking an ACTUAL vacation this summer instead of working :)

That’s all for today, 

I hope your Thursday ends on a pleasant note ❤️