Mentoring & Workshops: A Few Changes for 2015

Lots of newness is on the horizon for 2015! My motto is always simplicity so I’ve implemented a new (simplified) teaching program.



I will no longer be hosting workshops. Not to worry though! You will still absolutely be able to learn how to use natural light for great portraits and how to brand your photography business effectively, I'l just be doing it in a modified way.

Natural Light Workshop 
While this is a wonderful program, after closer inspection, I realize my mentor session is a much better investment. Here’s why: you learn the exact same thing in my mentor session, plus good client practices, more individualized attention due to the smaller group size, AND the biggest perk that’s not included in the workshop- ongoing assistance! All of my mentees are added to my private Facebook group where they continue to receive assistance as needed. Doesn’t that sound like a better deal? :)

Effective Branding Workshop
After being asked to speak about branding in 2013 at the Blink Conference, I held 2 of my own branding workshops in 2014. Through these, I’ve come to realize that although I do love a well-put together brand, that it is not something I’m passionate about teaching. I wouldn’t feel comfortable continuing to teach something I’m not passionate about when there are many qualified resources out there for how to build an effective brand. One of which is my friend Britney Jeanine! She recently began offering branding workshops so for all who are interested in learning more about that, please contact Britney! I will still touch on branding in my mentor sessions though- keep reading to find out more about that part :)



I started offering these in 2014 and they just took OFF! I’m actually really excited about how much folks seem to like them (and I’ve been listening :) so I’ve decided to add a second full day of business instruction to the mentor session! Get excited!! Lol

Business questions are never in short supply during our mentor sessions but the focus of (what I’m now going to call Session 101) is on shooting. I made that the focus because too often folks put the cart before the horse. You need to understand what you’re doing and how to do it well before you worry about owning and operating a business. So with that being said, the Mentor Session 102: Business will ONLY be available to those who have taken Session 101: Shooting or who have attended the Natural Light Workshop with me in 2014. This is to ensure that you at least kind of know what you’re doing before going out there and asking people for money :)

Check out the full details (on what will be covered) and pricing for each of the sessions here.

So those are my big changes! In the next post I’ll be sharing my early 2015 travel dates and if you’re interested in participating in a mentor session, you’ll be able to secure your spot as well.