Brooklyn Group Mentor Session [September 19] | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

Still rolling with me? We’re at the halfway point for the month and there’s still lots more newness to come your way :)

Today I’m sharing the recap from my Brooklyn group mentor session! I had SUCH a great time with these ladies! Our group ended up slightly larger than the normal 4 because I mistakenly thought I had an opening when I, in fact, did not! Lol 2 of the 3 participants were previous clients so it was great seeing and working with them again.

The airbnb that I stayed in was absolutely perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there because it was such a relaxing space, and the light… The light was soo beautiful! So beautiful that I had no choice but to take some of their photos in the apartment- and it was great because there was a spot to compliment everyone! Afterwards we headed outside to put into practice the natural light shooting skills they just learned, picked up lunch, and headed back to learn all about editing!

It was a wonderful day and a great group of ladies :)

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So what did the mentees think of the day? Hear from one in her own words:

While I was super excited to be mentored by Danni, I was nervous that, as a beginner, I would be lost and probably take away from the other participants who may have been more experienced with my need for extra assistance. I expressed my concerns to Danni before our group mentor session. She immediately put me at ease, letting me know that I would be able to follow- and I was!

Danni made everything so clear and understandable. Even when I had my "beginner questions”, she took the time to explain things and walk me through. I never felt uncomfortable nor was I made to feel like I was behind the rest of the class. The session was fun, laid back and professionally done. Danni made sure we had a relaxed environment for learning which helps a lot. I gained so much from the session that I look forward to putting into practice really soon!

-Toia Barry

If you’re interested in participating in the next group mentor session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me today! View more information on the photographer education options offered here!