Flashback Friday | Summer Night at the Carnival

Happy Friday lovelies :)

So as the week comes to a close, I realize that I have way too many photos from summer that I didn’t share so I’m going to remedy that!

Today I’m sharing a few photos I took for fun at a local carnival with my friend Vanessa. 


Ok so there’s a story behind this… I’d been wanting to take pictures at a carnival for a while now but every year I keep missing them! Finally make it to one while it’s still in town and of course Vanessa and I get there late lol. It’s dark, but low light is no problem for my trusty D700 :) We take a few pictures and then decide we want to get on some rides! Sounds like a good idea right?

Well, I haven’t been on a ride/roller coaster/anything in years. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been on one but I generally do like them. Sooo the first ride we got on? Pictured above. My stomach was turned upside down and inside out! Forgot to mention that I’ve never been on a carnival ride before. Apparently they just go around and around and around and around and around and around and around in circles lol. I mean, you would think I would have gathered that from seeing them, but I guess you don’t get the full experience until you’re actually ON the ride and it just keeps going in circles (insert dizzy emoticon here).

I try to man up (because Vanessa was calling me an old lady lol) and we go get on another ride because we bought 40 ride tickets. So what do we get on? The swings lol. That was a bad decision. We weren’t even midway into the ride and I immediately felt like I had to throw up. I’m sooo thankful I had an empty stomach because the folks standing under the ride would have been very upset with me otherwise. The ride operator was kind enough to stop the ride early because Vanessa asked him to and a little kid in front of me said “This lady’s gonna vomit!” LOL! I can laugh now but I felt sooo bad smh. I don’t think I’ve ever had motion sickness that bad before… so now I’m worried that maybe in my old age I can’t do roller coasters anymore lol. Guess I’ll have to get on a real one (that doesn’t just go in circles) and test it out.

Anyway so that’s my carnival story! Lol

Before all of that happened, we took pictures (the reason for this post :) and here are a few of my favorites. Vanessa even snapped a few of me!


A little random, but I love it! Thanks Vanessa :)


That’s all for today! I hope you have a great weekend :)