Danielle | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

Next up for today is Danielle!

Danielle and I recently linked back up through the #GoodPeopleProject with Paul Carrick Brunson and when I realized she was still using the headshots I shot for her over 3 years ago, I knew we had to remedy the situation lol.

They were pretty cool for where I was at the time:


But they’re no longer an accurate representation of my work so I figured we needed to update that :)

Danielle is a super talented writer, editor, blogger, and creative consultant. She has her own blog- The Black Snob- which is actually how we linked up in the first place years ago! She also writes for Clutch Magazine, was recently a speaker at Essence Magazine’s Women’s Conference, and has received numerous awards for her writing. (You can read all about her here! :) So with all that being the case, she definitely needed new pictures to compliment her awesomeness.

Check out a few of my faves from her session:


If you’re interested in a headshot session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself,  email me and schedule yours today!