Charlotte 101 Group Session [July 24] | Charlotte, NC Photography Instructor

Happy Monday loves! And a beautiful one it is! The rain has FINALLY departed! It was a tough last few days with SO.MUCH rain! It just made everything feel like a hassle. But onto a beautiful new week :) 

I’m kicking it off with a brand new Mentor Monday! Today I have a super fun recap from my time in Charlotte this summer! The day I arrived, I linked up with my mentee Ebony who I worked with earlier this year in February! She wanted to shoot little ol me! I was so honored and nervous, but excited as well :) 

imageimagePhoto by Ebony Rae

I also got to meet and work with Monique who did a wonderful job on my makeup! This experience deserves its own post but I wanted to do a quick mention since it happened while I was here lol.

On to the mentoring! The session was an unexpectedly intimate one as it ended up just being two attendees as the 3rd had something come up. It was so awesome! I forget how much I enjoy the smaller sessions :) 

imageimageR photo by Sierra Collins

Latoya & Sierra drove up from SC and we had a great day together! Our model was super sweet, India our makeup artist was amazing, the airbnb where I stayed was perfect, and the weather was beautiful! Our model Zakiyah is actually Lisa’s daughter! One of my mentees from last year’s Charlotte session :)

Check out the photos from our practice lifestyle session!


Hear from Sierra on her experience:

“I absolutely fell in love with Danielle’s artistry. I was attracted to the colors, style, softness of her images. I just knew that I had to work with her. When I saw she mentored, I had to make the investment! Danielle is very positive person and easy to be around. I immediately felt welcomed upon meeting her so I was comfortable. The mentor session was very helpful and I learned a lot of techniques that I wasn’t aware of.”
-Sierra Collins

Sierra even made this super cool vlog recap of her experience!

Thank you sooo much Sierra! I had such a great time with these ladies and look forward to seeing their work progress in the months and years to come :)

If you would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself and participate in the next group mentor session, check out full details here, including upcoming cities and dates, and email me today if you’re interested in attending or scheduling your own one-on-one session!