Stacy | One-on-One Session 102 [January 31] | Orlando, FL Photography Instructor

Next up for today? Stacy!

I met Stacy just a couple days prior when she participated in the Group Session 101. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with Stacy to help clarify some of her goals, adjust her pricing, revise her workflow, and simplify things! We covered SO MANY things that our session didn't end until the sun was setting lol!

One of the things we keyed in on were pricing and package adjustments. I know she was nervous about implementation but receiving this email from her just a short time after our session made my week!

It makes me soo happy when my mentees are not only able to see the improvement in their work, but also in the success of their businesses! It is a major confidence booster and enables them to keep moving in the right direction!

Back to our day together though :) Of course, headshots were included! Stacy is so bubbly and such a joy to be around, so capturing her was an absolute pleasure! Here are my faves from her headshot session:


What did she think of the session? Hear from Stacy directly on her DFinney Mentoring experience:

"There are countless ways to learn: webinars, podcasts, teleconferences, video tutorials, blogs, major conferences... sometimes it can be OVERWHELMING!! And despite all the information, it may not get to the heart of YOUR specific needs. What I walked away with from both of DFinney's mentoring sessions was AMAZING! Her teaching style cuts through all the noise, fluff and distractions. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to make the investment in myself!"

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