Fran | One-on-One Session 102 [January 30] | Orlando, FL Photography Instructor

Happy Mentor Monday!

I'm finally (somewhat) on a roll with catching up on my recaps, so let's keep the ball rolling, shall we? 

Last week, I shared the first mentoring session of the year in Orlando and today I will share the one-on-one 102 sessions I had on the following two days!

First up? Fran!

I met Fran back in 2014 when she attended my first group session in Miami! This time she reached out for the business session and I was excited to work with her again :) We went over and revised her pricing, as well as her website and workflow amongst many other things!

Also included? Headshots! It was such a beautiful day- perfect for pictures :) Here are my faves from her headshot session!


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