What's that? Oh nothing, just a brand new website!

Happy Tuesday all! And a wonderful Tuesday it is because I have some fabulous news to share :)

I’ve been a bit MIA lately between being out of town for a couple weeks and being hard at work behind the scenes, I didn’t have a chance to share much here on the blog or on facebook… well now I can share some of what I’ve been working on!

DFinney Photography & Design now has BRAND NEW WEBSITES!! Yes, plural- because there are TWO!


I decided to split up the business and lifestyle photography so that information for each can be easily identified and this will hopefully also help avoid confusion. Where can this be found? www.dfinneyphoto.com of course :)

SITE I- Lifestyle Portrait & Wedding


Homepage photos on Site I are courtesy of my good friend Tosha of The Captured Life Photography

SITE II- Business Promo & Headshots


Homepage photos on Site II are courtesy of my good friend Latara of Elle Danielle Photography

What’s new? Well the whole second site is new lol. But here’s a breakdown:

  • Brand new BIO sections
  • Detailed SERVICE descriptions
  • Updated PORTFOLIO galleries
  • Full PRICING information
  • Tons of helpful INFORMATION

One of the new pieces of information worth sharing: Our brand new REFERRAL PROGRAM! I’ve been meaning to implement this for some time, and now I finally have :) Check out the website for more details and how you can earn yourself a free session!

You’ll see that the colors are different, this is to help you guys differentiate between the two at a glance.

I’m so excited to share this with you guys and I can’t wait until everyone gets a chance to check it out! My goal was to make my site a one-stop shop for all information as opposed to how it was previously where there was information on my blog that couldn’t be found on the website.

Speaking of which, the blog has had a bit of a facelift as well. The design remains the same (because I am still in love with my coral, gray, and stripes :) But I’ve added a little something to the sidebar over there > > >
Photos of #teamdfinney!! Eventually they will link to each of their features on the blog, but for now you can view the lovely faces behind the beautiful work you see here :)

Oh! And one more new thing! We now have our mailing list up and running!


Please make sure you sign up for the mailing list if you’d like to stay up to date with all things DFinney Photography. I promise I won’t spam you because I hate it myself lol. I’ll just keep you up to date with the latest blog posts, news and updates, and you will be THE FIRST to know of any upcoming specials before they are posted anywhere on social media. How’s that for exclusivity? ;)

I think that’s it for the day with the news and updates…

Oh, well I guess this is kind of new: I’m a blonde now ;)


For almost a month now :) Courtesy of my good friend Dionne of Xclusive Concepts Hair. You can view her website HERE and follow her on instagram @dionneandersonstylez to see all of her latest hair artistry! Makeup on these photos was done by Stephanie and my friend Debbie snapped the shots for me.

Ok, now I’m officially done with what has probably ended up being the longest News and Updates post ever lol.

Have a good day lovelies and let me know what you think of all the changes!!