What's New?

So it’s been one week since DFinney Photography & Design officially relaunched! And a hectic week it’s been (more on that in the post to follow)… Have you had a chance to check out all the new features?? Not to worry if you haven’t- you can take a look at all the new features right here at a glance :)

One of the biggest changes to note is DFinney Photography & Design’s updated pricing structure (which you can view at the INVESTMENT tab at the top :) In striving to provide my clients with a custom photography experience, I now include professional print service and boutique products with every order! Each session now includes a minimum print order requirement to ensure you receive the best products in a timely manner. Standard sessions now include in-home ordering sessions! Often clients receive their images and forget to make prints… this simply ensures that your portrait session is a complete investment including magazine quality prints and fine art products, resulting in beautiful displays in your home for all to appreciate!

Another noteworthy adjustment? All standard sessions now include professional makeup application! I am so excited to have this as a standard offering because this really takes your custom photography experience to the next level. Instead of simply meeting to take pictures, you are now pampered before your session and your resulting photos will be nothing short of stunning!


DFinney Photography now officially offers Business Photography! This is perfect for those interested in putting their business’ best face forward. Whether you just need updated photos for your small business or you’d like fresh and modern headshots for your company, we can help :) You can view more information on the website, view the Business Promo gallery, and view pricing information at the Investment tab above.

I am soo excited about this! I have had quite a few photographers interested in tagging along on a session and I was trying to figure out what the best way to help everyone would be… While tagging along on a session could work, it doesn’t really provide the best learning environment because I can’t adequately address your needs while caring for my clients. So now you can have your very own time with me- just for you :) We will have subject(s) model for us based on what you feel you need the most assistance with. Need help photographing families? We’ll have a family. Need help photographing couples? We’ll have a couple. Need help photographing models? We’ll have a model… So now instead of tagging along, you can have a one-on-one mentor session :)

In an effort to simplify things a bit, I now offer custom invitation design only. I do have great referrals if you are interested in logo creation, branding, business cards, flyers, etc.

The blog now offers a much more comprehensive and informative Frequently Asked Questions page

Last, but certainly not least, I have worked to make the website much more informative and now includes a panoramic view of photos along with updated portfolio galleries!

Whew! That’s a lot of changes guys lol. I hope you all are enjoying the new look and aren’t too overwhelmed by all the information :) An educated client is the best client and I strive to do just that.