Titilayo | Washington, DC Lifestyle Photographer

Happy Friday fabulous people!

So I did say I was supposed to be catching up on blogging right? Lol

Well… this week kind of took a different turn and I ended up massively productive on the editing front (instead of the blogging front :) I got FIFTEEN sessions completed! :D So I have absolutely no complaints there, but I didn’t want to let the week end without sharing at least one session! So I introduce you to Titilayo!

This was actually my first session of the year back in February and Titilayo’s first day of 44! Yes, 44! She doesn’t look her age AT ALL, does she?! it was a COLD late winter day but Titi’s personality (and the sun lol) helped warm things up. She brought major fun and liveliness to these photos :) 

Check out Titi’s session!


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