Takiyah | Houston, TX Family Photographer

Happy Tuesday!

I’m keeping my word for real this time about blogging all week lol. Today I’ll be sharing some adorable Mommy & Me sessions that I did with two of my beautiful photography girlfriends when I visited Houston this past March!

First up is Takiyah of Some Sweet Photo and her adorable daughter Charlie!

I can’t say enough about how much I adore these two :) Takiyah is so sweet and funny and Chuck is a character and a half lol. Peep her instagram (linked above) to see more of this awesome child lol. Needless to say we had fun during their mini shoot :) 

One of my other photogirlfriends Tonya was there as well and she snapped a few behind the scenes shots! 

This was such a funny moment- I wanted to get a photo of her in the doorway but there were a couple (very small) ants around and Charlie didn’t want to go near them. I held her hands and told her it was okay because she was much bigger than them, so her response? “Okay. I’m really frightened so I’m going to say a quick prayer” LOL! All I could do was laugh and I was laughing so I didn’t even get to snap the photo I wanted lol. Good thing Tonya was there to capture this moment.

Sooo sweet these two :)

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