Style Progression | Truthy Tuesday

Good Tuesday afternoon to you!

It’s been a little over a month since the last Truthy, so I figured it was about time for another :) I’m so happy to share this one with you guys today because you’ll get to see some vintage DFinney originals lol.

I happened to see one of my old photos on my mother’s screensaver last week and it made me reflect on just how much my style has changed over the years! So I thought it would be cool to share that with you guys… Every so often I hear uncertainty regarding how to go about developing one’s photography style and I always say the same thing- it takes time! 

Here is a look back at some of the things I used to do a few years back and (where applicable), how I would shoot things like this now.

Senior Photos
At one time I thought I had to mimic the whole backdrop & drape look that you get with traditional high school photos to consider myself a senior photographer. Then I pretty much shot very freestyle for the relaxed look. Now? I stay true to my style. I don’t like backdrops so I don’t shoot them lol. I will absolutely photograph you in your cap and gown, but it will be with a complimenting background and your “freestyle” photos? Will still be shot in the same polished manner, just a bit more colorful :)

imageNovember 2010


March 2014

Maternity photos
Oh maternity photos, how I love thee :) I didn’t use to though… Because so many clients at the time asked for these two piece belly outfits and I thought I had to oblige! Now? I photograph clients who want modern maternity photos sans the two piece outfits :) This is not at all to say I don’t like those photos, but it IS to say that clients looking for that, probably wouldn’t want me as their photographer because our styles are simply different! 


March 2010


February 2015

Newborn & baby photos
Newborns & babies? If you’re a recent follower, you have never seen me post any newborn or baby photos lol. That’s because I don’t do them BUT at one time I tried. I thought I had to do everything… But I gave it a try and realized, this isn’t for me lol. I absolutely LOVE babies, I just don’t love photographing them because it is A LOT of work. So I give the utmost kudos to newborn and child photographers and refer all inquiries to them :) These are my feeble attempts in 2010.


March & April 2010

Family photos
At one time I thought props were cool. They are indeed still cool for others but they simply don’t fit my style. I actually used to get a bit discouraged with myself sometimes when I would bring a prop or two and forget to use it… not realizing that that was probably a sign that I didn’t need them lol. Anyway, now I try to focus more on capturing moments and not using props :)


September 2012


July 2015

I LOVE taking images for fellow creatives to use for modeling & business promo! Here is another area where a clear shift in style was seen. I allowed whatever the client’s needs were to take priority and direct my style. Now? My style is consistent and I work with creatives whose style and brand meshes well with my own :)


March 2010


March 2015

I think that’s a good enough sample of images for you to get the point lol. 

As you see, initially I found my “style” being dictated by the needs and wants of my clients instead of the other way around. I thought I had to do EVERYTHING in order to be successful at this. Otherwise who would hire me? Over time I began to see trends in my work and was able to identify the things that I consistently enjoyed doing, so I phased out the others. In doing so, I learned that when you are passionate about something (and display ONLY what you are passionate about doing), you will attract the clients who enjoy the same. You will attract clients who like what you like, and that in turn will result in jobs that you enjoy! Not jobs where you feel you’re being squeezed into a mold someone else created.

Now I get that this sounds so amazing and simple but quite frankly it is the opposite lol. This takes TIME. And time is probably one of the single most irritating things sometimes because there’s literally nothing you can do to speed it up. Over time- if you continue to practice and shoot consistently- you will be able to identify your style. So please don’t feel bad if you feel you don’t have one right now. It took me about 4+ years to develop mine and that was because I was shooting consistently. It may take you a little longer if you’re not- or it may take you less time- everyone is different!

As an artist, your style may absolutely continue to change, but as long as you’re constantly improving- that’s the important part.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think!

Have a beautiful Tuesday :)