Studio 78 Podcast with Naché Snow | Features

Happy Wednesday loves, I hope your week + month are starting off wonderfully!


Mine has been kind of meh... I'm a bit overwhelmed with life at the moment and my anxiety response can sometimes be to shut down, so I'm trying to keep myself from sleeping the days away because that's all I want to do!

I am however, looking forward to this weekend when we will be regaining one, beautiful, precious hour of sunshine! Until then, I gotta hang tough.

This past Sunday, my wonderful client Naché emailed to let me know that my feature on her podcast would be going live this week and I was so nervous and excited! I don't think I've ever opened up in a forum like this before... which is a testament to Naché's warm interviewing skills :) It just felt like a nice chat with a good friend, and I'm thankful to her for having me on.

I feel like our episode is a bit like taking a peek behind the curtain. We talked about everything... how I got started with photography, impostor syndrome and how it’s taken time for me to fully own my artistry, finding my style... I also #talkaboutuncomfortablethings regarding about my personal struggles with mental illness and how I don't have it all together. 


...Then, this week ends up being a hard one 🙄 .

One of the questions Naché asked during the podcast was how I am able to push through/find balance dealing with my mental health and running a business and I shared my "secret" (hint: it's not one lol): I "push through" when I can, and rest when I can't. And although unplanned, thus far this week has been a "rest when I can't" kind of week... I'm headed to therapy this evening so hopefully that helps a bit.

I'm getting sidetracked though lol, I want to thank Naché again for having me on her wonderful podcast, Studio 78! She has interviewed 40+ women with businesses of all kinds- from fellow artists, creatives, and makers, to attorneys, business coaches, financial advisors, and more! But  like my episode, not all of them just cover business. Trust me, you will really enjoy subscribing and listing to Studio 78! 

Well, that's it for today! Check out my feature and let me know what you thought!

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