Spring Natural Light Workshop | Recap

Hey there! *waves* 

I’m in a great mood today because tomorrow at this time I’ll be on my flight to Miami to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation :) But for now (before announcing the details for the upcoming workshop in October), I have a super special post to share with you- the recap from my first Natural Light Workshop back in April! 

Putting this post together totally gave me the warm and fuzzies remembering what a great day this was :)

This was my first all day workshop and it turned out wonderfully! I had the best attendees and models so everyone really enjoyed themselves as we learned just how simple shooting with natural light can be. 

We started the day with breakfast and an interactive presentation all about the basics of natural light photography.


Then we headed out to practice the new skills :) The hotel had great spots for pictures so we were able to practice with both indoor and outdoor settings.

imageimage imageimage image

“From the very beginning of the workshop with Danielle, I felt a kind of warmth and welcoming feeling when she introduced herself and gave me a hug. She really personified the entire course and left a lot of room for questions and comments. I loved the presentation; Danielle was extremely knowledgeable about the mechanics and concepts of natural light photography and I felt very comfortable sharing my work with her and experiencing her insightful mentorship while critiquing my work. I was very pleased with the result of the workshop, especially the photoshop editing tutorial, as I have never properly used photoshop before. Danielle really knows what she is doing and she should definitely continue these workshops!”

-Sara Malas

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“Danielle’s workshop provided a foundation that was both simple and intuitive. It allowed for me to be as creative as I wanted. It also helped rekindle my love of photography.”

-Lawrence Perkins

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Then we headed across the street to a location more similar to one where I would normally shoot. With each location change, I explained why the selection was made, checked in with everyone to be sure they were getting what they wanted with their photos, and explained any composition decisions I made.

imageimageimage  image image

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class! Started on time! (I’m a stickler for time). The class was intimate enough where I felt comfortable asking questions and actually was able to get them answered. I also enjoyed the hands on approach.”

-Joaquina Braithwaite

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“I was so surprised that the workshop was so easy. That ease was all due to how well Danielle was able to teach. Her hands on approach as well, was very helpful because she gave you space and artistic freedom, but checked in constantly one on one with everyone to make sure they were getting the shots they wanted. I’ve already seen difference in my photography so I’d say the workshop for me was a complete success!”

-Sarah Johnson

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After our practice session, we headed back in for lunch and editing! But not before we snapped a group photo :)


Wasn’t that fun?! Lol I can’t wait for the next one in October which will be even better!

Thank you so much to these beautiful people for investing with me and making this workshop a memorable one. Thank you also to our wonderful models and makeup artists for participating and being just as much apart of the fun :)

And a special thank you to my friend, mentee, and sistog Tiffany for being there and taking these great behind the scenes photos!

Want to attend the next one? Details are coming right up!