Progress is a Beautiful Thing | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

Happy Monday guys! Excuse me… Happy Mentor Monday! Lol

You guys, I have been beyond thrilled with how this teaching thing has been going. Seeing the immediate improvement in a photographer’s images, workflow, and just overall understanding is just… I don’t even know how to explain it, but I never get tired of it! 


Photo by Mecca Gamble from Atlanta Session 101

After this past weekend’s sessions in DC, I have now officially taught over 55 photographers, can you believe that?! I can’t lol.

Since 2015 sessions are gearing up, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect :)

The weather this weekend was FREEZING. And that is not an overstatement lol. So due to the weather, we had our practice session inside and it turned out wonderfully! The same principles I use when shooting outside are exactly the same when shooting indoors, so the attendees were able to put them into practice in a slightly more challenging environment and they did a beautiful job photographing our lovely model Jennifer!


The two photos below were taken by Stephanie Decker who previously was very hesitant about sharing her work… but in one day we got rid of that! ;)


Such gorgeous shots! What I love most about these programs is that I don’t teach how to shoot like me. I teach how to honor YOUR vision and how to use the techniques that I do to get a well-exposed photo every time (I say well-exposed because what that means is up to you- everyone’s eye is different so what’s correct to me, may not be to you and vice versa)and bring to life what YOU see.

Ready for an AMAZING before & after? Boudoir photographer, Bonita Elias attended the DC session this past weekend and walked away with stunning results!

Before our mentor session:


After our mentor session (well technically after just a couple hours lol)


I was soooo happy with how quickly she was able to apply what she learned and get these great photos of our beautiful model! 

From Bonita on her experience: 

“I had a blast and was pleased that DFinney Photography taught so many wonderful ways to shoot in natural light by changing a few settings in the camera. I love the small size of the workshops and already began to put to use the things I learned that will save me time. Danni is also a lot of fun with a great relaxed sense of humor. Well worth the investment!” 

Thank you so much Bonita! I can’t wait to see how well you capture your subjects now in beautiful natural light :)


So what’s next? If you’re interested in learning how to improve your natural light shooting skills, check out the upcoming cities and dates

Next month, I will be holding sessions in DC (March 6 & 7) and Houston (March 13 & 14) so please email me ASAP if you’d like to attend because booking will end for DC at the end of this week and for Houston, at the end of next week!


Also, I’d like to see if there is enough interest to hold sessions in Richmond, VA, Phoenix, AZ, and San Francisco, CA. If you live in or near any of those cities and are interested, please email me and I’ll keep you in the loop if dates are added for your city :)

That’s it for today! I have lots of photo sessions to share with you this week and another artist spotlight so stay close!

Have a great Monday!