Philadelphia 101 Group Session [June 25] | Philadelphia, PA Photography Instructor

Happy Mentor Monday loves :)

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the official return of football! Lol I’m not a huge football fan, but I am a fan, and I’m happy about the return of relaxing fall football Sundays :) 

Today though? Another fun recap from a summer session! This time it’s Philly! There had been spotty interest in Philadelphia last year so a date wasn’t scheduled there, but this year they came through and I was happy to bring #dfinneymentoring to Philly :) I was also happy that Denyelle was able to come with me to do the makeup so we had a great time!


Hear from Traci (pictured above) on her experience:
Danielle sessions were well thought out, professional yet relaxed and flexible. She was willing to answer questions even though the topics may not be part of the mentoring session. She is definitely invested in her mentees’ growth and success.

Thank you so much Traci for such a sweet review! I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy teaching and seeing my mentees grow not only in regards to their work itself, but also in seeing their confidence improve! There’s nothing like it!

Well I feel this has probably been the longest intro ever, so let me stop talking and get into these photos of our gorgeous model Kamry :)

imageimageimagePhoto by Keith Layne


If you would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself and participate in the next group mentor session, check out full details here, including upcoming cities and dates, and email me today if you’re interested in attending or scheduling your own one-on-one session!