On the move in 2013: ATLANTA! | Recap

You guys… I am way too excited about this post!! Lol you’ll soon see why :)

A few months ago I announced that we were taking DFinney Photography on the road and heading to Atlanta! Well the trip came and went and here is the official recap!

First let me say that I already loved the glam squad before this trip, but I really really love these girls! I don’t even think these pictures do it any justice in capturing how much fun we had. Everyone’s personalities meshed perfectly, all of our clients were so nice and personable, and the photos? Amazing! This isn’t to say I’m awesome lol, merely a testament to how awesome we are as a team!

Just briefly… well that’s probably nonsense at this point because NOTHING about this post is brief lol. I just want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my lovely clients!! 4 of the 7 people we shot drove 2 to 3 hours to meet us in ATL! I can’t tell you how much that means to me!! I loved working with you all and I can’t wait until our next trip :)

Well let me stop gushing and get into the recap lol.

—fair warning: this is a LONG post—

We all had fairly early flights to get to ATL by late morning/early afternoon and by the time we did, we were exhausted! The weather for ATL was forecasted to be rainy all weekend so I was praying and hoping we’d get clouds instead of rain! When we got there, it was cold and drizzly with a foggy mist that made it look like the buildings were evaporating. 
That plus the crazy Atlanta traffic (which I had no idea was worse than DC!) kept us inside for our Friday shoots.


We made it work though and ended up with nothing but fabulousness :)

image image imageimage

We had so much fun on Saturday! Both sessions were shot in Little Five Points (thank you Taylor for telling me about it!) which is such a cool little area. Lots of colored walls/art/murals/graffiti… everything I love to shoot! And apparently every other photographer because there were tonss of photographers out and about shooting as well. 

After our sessions, we looked around in a few of the shops then headed back to get ready for dinner. You guys… Two Urban Licks is AWESOME!! I know I’m not the first to come to this conclusion because that place was packed lol. We had to wait for an 11pm reservation but it was soo worth it! EVERYTHING was good! Definitely make reservations and check it out if you’re in (or will be visiting) ATL.


Little Five Points is such a cool indie area… we even had a few folks who wanted to jump in for some photos lol.


Sunday Funday! Kind of lol. I was a nervous wreck on Sunday because I was worried about my shoot! I now know how my clients feel when they’re getting ready for their shoot and I so appreciate them even more now for trusting me. It was so hard for me to relax and I know Latara had a time trying to get nice photos of me lol. Thanks to Denyelle for doing my makeup- she did a fabulous job and Stephanie did a great job on Latara’s! It was so nice meeting and working with Latara! (aka Elle Danielle :)


Here are a few sneak peeks of Sunday’s sessions. So happy we at least got one sunny day while we were there!


Monday we were able to spend a little more time shopping/hanging out after our first and only shoot with Ebony. She was so easy to photograph and Stephanie did a beautiful job on her makeup which made my job even easier :) Ebony is so sweet! She made me this beautiful custom bracelet and I absolutely love it!! I’ve been wearing it almost every day since lol.


A few previews from Ebony’s session.


Tuesday we wake up to a cold and rainy day… what a way to welcome and send us off Atlanta! lol I guess it worked out because it prepared us for the cold and rain that awaited us back home.


Well that’s it for the recap!

If you’ve made it this far congrats! You have a long attention span lol. When I started putting this together, I didn’t realize it would be so long, but I just rolled with it. The instagram pictures are from all 4 of us so they help tell a complete story :)

I hope you enjoyed the recap!