My Love Affair with Live Music | Music Monday

Happy Monday loves!

So before I post details about the Fall Minis, I wanted to share something new with you guys! A brand new blog feature- Music Monday! (clearly I like alliteration lol).

I got the idea from a comment on my instagram last week where I shared a new artist that I’d been listening to and a few folks loved her! So… Since music is very important to me, I figured I’d share more of that part of my life with you guys :)

I absolutely love music. All different genres… and I can’t tell you how much I love LIVE music. I’ve been going to live shows ever since I was little because my dad is a bass player and I have fond memories of going to see him perform at different restaurants and events :) So maybe that’s where this all stems from? Lol either way… I started attending live shows myself when I got older and had my own money to buy tickets lol.

I remember my very first concert was in 2007 I believe? I saw Jill Scott with my sister and we were in the 5th row! Now I already loved Jill Scott but after that show? <3 My love for that woman knew no bounds lol.

Well that got the ball rolling, and in the years since… I’ve been to see all of these wonderful artists:


I used to be able to say “so and so” was the best live performer, but honestly after going to so many great shows, I can’t even begin to quantify the experience of each. I simply appreciate the awesomeness of each and remember it fondly :)

So this concludes my very first Music Monday! I plan to make this a monthly feature so let me know what you thought and if you’ll be checking it out in the months to come :)

Fall Mini deets are up next!