Miami 102 Group Session [June 13] | Miami, FL Photography Mentor

Next up for today? Day 2 with Session 102 where I got to talk business with Eboni, Eli, and Latoya!

Eboni & Eli flew in from the Bahamas for their session and I seriously could not feel any more honored! It always moves me when folks travel any amount of distance to work with me, but to make a special trip?! Sigh. I really love these two.  

Latoya actually attended my first Miami group session last year, so this time we linked up for business! 

Now… Miami is hot. I know this, but I kind of am never really prepared for it until I actually experience it lol. Heat is exactly what we experienced when we ventured for the headshot portion of our session. We actually had to go out later than planned because we were about to get caught in a rain shower, but our second attempt was successful and you’d never know how sweltering it was given how beautiful these folks look :)

Hear directly from two-day mentee Eboni on her experience:

“I was extremely excited for the workshop. I saved up for over a year to go. And Danielle definitely made it all worthwhile. From the moment I met her I knew the class was going to be awesome. Her personality was very warm and inviting. Her style of teaching was something that truly enjoyed. She kept everything simple and to the point. When we went out to practice what we learned I was in complete shock that I was able to apply what I just learned so quickly. As I reviewed the images on the back of my camera I just couldn’t believe that I took those images. I have been working as a photographer for a few years but felt that something was missing in my work. I wasn’t able to show and capture the image the way I saw it in my head. But with Danielle’s help I finally could! It was such a great feeling. Words can’t even describe how that moment felt. The two days I spent with Danielle have changed my life and business in ways that I couldn’t imagine.”
-Eboni Bullard

Thank you sooooooo much Eboni! It means a lot that you were able to greatly benefit from our time together! Especially given that you invested so much to be in attendance! I really look forward to working with you in the weeks and months to come to help you further your business goals ♥

If you would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself and participate in the next group mentor session, check out full details here, including upcoming cities and dates, and email me today if you’re interested in attending or scheduling your own one-on-one session!