Maryam | Washington, DC Natural Light Photography Mentor

Next up this morning is Maryam!

Maryam was the second winner of the last giveaway (the first was Danielle Finney :) and she decided to put her winnings toward a mentor session!

She was excited about her mentor session but a little hesitant at first because she wasn’t sure if it would be beneficial. I assured her that since each session is customized, what we would cover would be just for her. In the end, she more than agreed and we had a great time :)

We covered everything from how to find the light, client relations, managing client expectations, preparing for photo sessions, how to make sure you take a well-exposed photo every time, business & branding, post-processing, and everything in between! Definitely a great mentor session. I love helping empower fellow photographers and seeing their eyes light up when they “get it”!

Here are a few of my favorites from Maryam’s headshot session.


We then met up with our adorable family who was modeling for us and Maryam & I took turns shooting :)


Gone with the wind fabulous! Lol


Little Nick is a true nature lover :)


I will do another post just for this cute little family so you can see their full session :)

Here are a few words from Maryam about her mentoring experience:

“In one word… Awesome. At first I was skeptical about the mentoring session as far as "would I get my money’s worth”? What could she really teach me that I didn’t already know? I eventually did the mentoring session and honestly left with more knowledge than I had gotten from many articles and books and even other photographers put together. Danielle was extremely informative and her personality was so easy and bubbly that it made learning so muh fun. It was definitely worth every penny and I would recommend her a million times over! Don’t think twice like I did. Just do it!“

If you’re interested in booking a mentor session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me today to secure a 2014 date! Currently booking: February & March 2014.