Mariah Memories | Music Monday

Happy Monday beautiful people!

I am feeling top notch today and I can’t wait to share why next week :D I hope you’re having a pleasant start to your week!

Today I want to revive a feature I intended to have as a regular one, but we see how well that worked out lol. So I’m bringing back Music Monday! Music is such a huge part of my life so I will try and make this feature not so sporadic :)

For the past month, I have been on a heavy 90’s music kick! And for the past few days I can’t stop listening to early 90’s Mariah! That’s my favorite Mariah lol. 


These are my absolute favorite albums of hers! Not that late 90’s- 2000’s and beyond Mariah isn’t awesome, but this Mariah? No comparison in my opinion. Kind of how I feel about Toni Braxton’s first CD… Nothing that came after that compared. I’d like songs here and there, but for albums that I can just listen to straight through? Those were some of the best!

But singing along with all of these songs this past weekend totally transported me back in time and I remembered just how much I loved to sing (I still do, I was just MUCH less afraid of doing so in public!). I remember singing “Hero” as apart of a chorus for our 6th grade graduation in elementary school (totally just gave away how young I am lol) and then singing the same song again for my high school graduation with 3 other girls! I remember trying to decide what we wanted to sing and then when it was decided that we’d do “Hero” I was like “Oh… great.” Lol clearly they love “Hero” at graduation ceremonies. 


(eek!) thinking back, I can’t believe I actually did that! Lol I’m so nervous singing in front of people now. And I remember being disappointed with how it turned out because the music person played the wrong version of the song, so instead of singing to the instrumental we had to sing along to HER version :/

I had a chance to redeem myself though because I was the salutatorian so I think my speech went better than that song did lol.


Anyway, this year makes 10 years since I graduated! :D


Somehow this post morphed into graduation memories when it was supposed to be about Mariah Carey, but yeah… that’s it. I just wanted to share how much I loved early 90’s Mariah lol! 

So do yourself a favor and go listen to those early albums if you haven’t already or if you haven’t in a while.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for more blog awesomeness this week :)