Lynda | Washington, DC Headshot Photographer

Also familiar faces from the Summer Mini Recap- Lynda! I had such a fun time photographing her!

Lynda just wanted a few professional photos that she could use for her LinkedIn profile and boy did we deliver! I think it’s safe to say she’s going to have some of the best looking LinkedIn photos out there :)

For someone who had never taken pictures before, Lynda sure looked like a model for her session!

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A few words from Lynda about her session: 

“Working with Danielle was definitely a positive experience! I came into the shoot clueless on how to pose, and I was worried about showing my not-so-perfect teeth and being absolutely nervous was no help. But as soon as I ‘stepped’ into the photo shoot, she made me feel very comfortable. She had a calmness and patience about her that made me relax… it also helped that she gave out positive feedback so that, almost immediately, boosted my confidence.

My overall experience was very enlightening! It is funny to say this but, during the makeup application and the shoot,  I was already thinking of how I could work with them again! They are both such talented ladies and it would be crazy not to support their work! Denyelle was absolutely amazing! I felt that she barely touched my face and I just magically turned into this beautiful person with flawless makeup on!! I have already recommended some of my friends and even colleagues to them!”
I can’t thank Lynda enough for such kind words! 
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