Lauren | Washington, DC Natural Light Photography Mentor

Next up today is Lauren!

Lauren came down from NYC for her session back on February 1st and to say we had an interesting day would be an understatement lol. We had so much fun running into characters on the streets of DC and telling people all day that we weren’t sisters… So much so, that we just decided to embrace it and we are now officially sisters lol.

Lauren was looking to gain more confidence with her photography style and consistency with the look and feel of her images… even though improving confidence is never an immediate thing, I think by the end of our session, she was well on her way :)

After meeting over breakfast and going through the first portion of our session, we headed out to do a little location scouting and take her headshots!

imageimageimageimageimage image

For someone who never takes pictures, I’d say she’s doing a pretty good job :)


We then met up with our lovely models Setarra and Charles. When I say these two were the perfect models? They were the perfect models! So in love and just easy as ever to photograph :)

We started their session in the National Portrait Gallery because it was a bit chilly then we headed back outside once it warmed up a tad.


Here are a few words from Lauren about her mentoring experience:

“Professional, Comfortable, Fun, & Informational. I found Danielle from googling her work online and when I met her in person, we instantly clicked. From the time we started our early AM mentor session to the very end, I felt like I was working with a friend I’ve known for years. Instantly I was put at ease and I was able to soak up all the knowledge. I learned SOOO much from Danielle by observing her at work in person and found the materials that she gave me for her mentor session extremely useful. The couple she choose was PERFECT! They were a delight! Hope to join another one of her workshops one day and look forward to being a better photographer for 2014!”

If you’re interested in booking a one-on-one mentor session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me today to secure your date! Currently booking: June & July 2014.