Latoya & Johnny | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I DO participate every so often ;) I can’t wait to share this engagement session with you guys today!

Latoya & Johnny are my wonderful wedding clients from the beautiful (but COLD- especially now lol) city of Chicago! They came in town for their engagement session last month and as it would happen, it rained the ENTIRE day we’d scheduled for their session :( 

Needless to say we were bummed. Some of the major things Latoya loved about my work were the natural lighting and colorful surroundings- two things we can’t easily replicate indoors :/ But necessity is the mother of invention so once we knew for sure it would be raining all day, the gears started moving and I gathered ideas to ensure that they’d have the flyest indoor engagement session ever! The results? Gorgeousness.  

I had to do some heavy reassuring to Latoya because she really had her heart set on an outdoor session but as I reassured her the photos would turn out beautifully, I was also reassuring myself in the process because I was doing something new for her. But I was very excited to not only do something new, but to do it awesomely!

In the end, instead of Latoya & Johnny getting something similar to what I’ve done previously, they got their very own unique engagement session and I think that’s much better than colorful walls and natural light ;)


The rain let up just in time to sneak a few outside shots in their last outfit!


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