Kristian & Malcolm | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

Next up today is one of my 2015 couples!

Kristian is one of my former workmates from back when were both interning at the OCC. I have always appreciated her support of DFinney Photography over the years… she used to say that when she got engaged she’d be calling :) Well, when Malcolm proposed last year, I was one of the first calls she made lol!

I was so happy to hear the news and that happiness grew after meeting with them, hearing their story, and discussing engagement and wedding details :) 

Normally for my portrait sessions I choose the locations to compliment what they will be wearing, unless the client has a location that’s sentimental to them. And in their case, Kristian and Malcolm wanted to kind of retrace their steps and take their photos in Georgetown where they had their first date! They had dinner at Sequoia Restaurant and caught a movie at the Loews Theater so that’s exactly where we took their photos, with a few lovely spots in between as well :)

I absolutely love how their session turned out and I am looking forward to shooting their wedding next year as I know i will be a beautifully emotional occasion.


If you’re interested in a session with your hunny and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me and schedule yours today! Currently booking: November & December 2014.