Kia | Atlanta, GA Headshot Photographer

Happy snowy Thursday!

Most schools and some business have closed today in the DC area because of this snow, so hopefully you can either enjoy the snow if that’s your thing, or simply enjoy the relaxation of a day off :) I would enjoy the relaxation, but there’s always work to do around these parts lol. I do enjoy watching the snow fall though :) 

…The word ‘enjoy’ was in those last sentences way too many times, but I’m too lazy to think of another word to replace a few of those instances so let’s move on lol.

Today I have a sweet mini headshot session I did while I was in Atlanta for Kia! The lovely designer who helped me customize my new site!

This session was the definition of short and sweet! She wanted to keep things simple and neutral and I think we did a great job of bringing that idea to life. And now Kia has some lovely new headshots for her brand :)


If you’re interested in booking a session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me and schedule yours today! Currently booking: April and May 2015.