July Group Mentoring [DC + Chicago]

Happy Friday loves! 

We made it through our first heatwave of the year! Lol I am looking forward to summer’s official arrival tomorrow, but even more so because it’s actually going to be a much cooler day than it has been the last few days. I’ll be okay with not seeing temperatures and humidity this high for a while!

Anyway, before I bid you adieu for the weekend, I need to catch you guys up on the latest group mentoring info! I’ve been slacking with posting official updates since things have been so busy, but I wanted to make sure I did this week before it got any later!


The next two group mentor session dates are July 12 in DC and July 17 in Chicago and there are verrrry few spaces left: just one for Chicago and just two for DC so please email me ASAP if you’d like to snag one of the remaining spots.

imageThank you to Stephanie for snapping this shot at the last group mentor session in Atlanta earlier this month :)

And on that note, I have a special giveaway for one of the attendees of the DC session:


One of my mentees from the last DC group session, enjoyed it so much that she wanted to gift a partial session to someone! In her words It was such an awesome experience for me, that it would only feel right to give a little something back to help someone else have that experience, or even better.” 

I am soo honored by her sweet gift and I can’t wait to see who wins :)

So what do you have to do? Email me sharing why you deserve to win the giveaway with a link to your website. That’s it! Please be mindful that this is a partial giveaway so please only enter if you are able to care for the remainder of the mentor session fee.

What can you expect at your group mentor session? Hear from Asha how she felt about hers:

“Danielle is so awesome. She takes her time to hear your needs and address your concerns thoroughly. I love how she made sure we were fully grasping the techniques, which by the way made photo taking so simple. Seriously, if you don’t learn anything from these sessions, it’s your fault. 

It was such a treat working with Danni as she made it a relaxed, and extremely comfortable environment. If you’re weighing your options, go ahead and throw the others put of the window. DFinney is the way to go. What are you waiting for??”

Lol, thank you Asha for that awesome review ^_^ and an even bigger thank you for investing with me not once, but twice and putting your money towards someone else’s photography journey! This is not an overstatement when I say I have the best clients 

imageFun shot from the last DC group mentor session. Thank you again Asha!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to reading all of your emails to those interested in winning the giveaway!

Until next week!