It's November already? | A look ahead...

Happy Thursday everyone! So here is the obligatory “I can’t believe it’s November already” post, but seriously, I really can’t lol. This year has FLOWN by and it has been nothing short of amazing thanks to you guys!

I announced on Facebook and Instagram a few days ago that I will not be booking any December dates, so I figure that needs to be posted here as well for those of you not on social media :) Why you ask? For the simple reason that I need a break! lol. As I mentioned, this year has been amazing, but I’ve literally been going non-stop it seems the entire year. I need to rest and refresh before beginning the new year and December is the perfect time to do so. I will still be taking care of existing things and catching up on personal projects I never had the chance to finish, but no new sessions.

I’m a little excited and kind of nervous because this will be the first self-imposed break I’ve taken since I began my business officially 3 years ago, but I’d say it’s well-deserved :) If I had the extra funds I’d definitely go on vacation, but this time around I think a stay-cation will have to do… I just bought a new camera and I need a new computer lol.

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a Cyber Monday Sale like I did last year but all dates booked will need to be for January or February 2013.

And because no post is complete without a picture, I give you one of my absolute favorites from the wedding my brother and I shot this past weekend (their full wedding preview will be posted next week)-


Adrian took this awesome shot and I am in loove with it (and judging by the response on facebook, so is everyone else!) Just another reason I love working with my brother :)

Alright now that you guys are all updated and my mini blog haitus is complete, who’s ready for new photos?? Tons coming your way right now!