Inspiration or Imitation? | Truthy Tuesday

Happy Truthy Tuesday!

I wasn’t planning on doing Truthy Tuesday today, but I read this post by Krystal on The Feisty House that inspired me to write :) 

This will by no means be a rehashing of that because truthfully, she writes on this much more eloquently than I could have so I encourage you to go read her post. As a blogger, she writes from the blogging perspective, but it can absolutely be applied it to photography style, business structure, design decisions, etc… That’s kind of the mindset I read it in.

Last week, I posted this on instagram:

Along with this caption: “I truly want nothing more than folks to honor *their* creative vision… Yes, nothing is new, but *you* haven’t done it. Be the best YOU you can, not the second best imitation of someone else.”

Because I was tired of seeing the same things… where you can tell absolutely where someone’s “inspiration” came from because it’s nothing more than an imitation. But over the past week, and after reading Krystal’s post, I completely agree with her sentiments: 

What I had to learn about copying and blogging was (1) inspiration belongs to us all, and (2) what is for you is for you. 

110% Agree.

If we are moved by the same things, we will inevitably end up pulling inspiration from similar sources, so although it’s hard, we should try not to feel slighted if someone does something similarly to us. 


Why? Because no one can be you. No one can be me. And what an empowering thought that is! You have something that NO ONE ELSE has- your ability to be YOU! So despite my initially being bothered by seeing imitators, it’s a comforting thought to know that in the end, no one can do me, like me :) 

And truthfully this is why imitation should be avoided, because in doing so, you’re stifling your ability to be yourself. You’re shutting off that thing which sets you apart from everyone else!

So how do you deal with it if you find yourself with imitators?

This is how to deal with copycats in blogging: remain authentic. Continue to blog in your unique voice. No one can copy your passion. Keep writing from your passion place and you won’t even notice the copycats anymore. Stay true to your own uniqueness.

This is how to deal with copycats in ANYTHING lol. Continue to be your fabulously unique self :)

That’s all for today! ‘Til next time ♥