I Love Teaching | Truthy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Coming to you today with a late Truthy Tuesday because honestly… I couldn’t get my thoughts together lol.

If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you saw just how I couldn’t stop talking about how well the workshop went this past weekend! 


I was SO blown away. Saturday could NOT have been any more perfect. The place was so full of positive vibes from everywhere and everyone. The attendees, models, makeup artists… I walked away feeling so happy, inspired, appreciative, humbled, and truly just overwhelmed with good vibes from such an amazing day.

imagePhoto by Jason Sheppard

This year, with the new offering of group mentor sessions, kicked off a year of LOTS of teaching for me. I had no idea I would grow to love teaching so much, but this past weekend just truly solidified that for me. I absolutely LOVE seeing the wheels turn and seeing my folks GET IT! And helping them see that things aren’t as complicated as they thought they had to be. Simple is often overlooked when it comes to certain things and I truly take pride in the fact that I’m able to help folks demystify natural light photography. 

Oddly enough, I fought my “teacher roots” for a long time. I actually come from a family of educators on both sides, and I was adamant about not becoming a teacher. But I guess those teaching genes finally caught up to me lol.

I’m honestly still at a loss for words when it comes to expressing just how much I truly enjoyed this past weekend’s workshop experience. I have never taught a room full of 12 photographers and then had them go out and take such amazing pictures! The proof is in the pictures! Lol

imageTop: Photo by Dominicka Jemmott, Middle: Photo by Sarah Mazza, Bottom: Photo by Katrina Graham

I am LOSING it every time I check the #dfinneyworkshops hashtag and see the new photos the attendees are posting lol. There was plenty of room for creativity and freedom of expression and seeing how everyone was able to execute their own unique vision given the tools they learned is simply amazing. 

Huge thanks to these lovely ladies for making our job easy and being such fabulous hair/makeup artists and models :)


I will end this post on this note :D This picture makes me laugh because as silly as Shagari is, in this photo apparently he has no time for our foolishness lol. 


Just thank you guys. Thank you.

I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of those who trust me with their continued photography education and invest in me. It’s because of you that I’ve been able to thrive and truly appreciate you