How To Prepare for your Photo Session | Truthy Tuesday

Guess who’s back with another Truthy Tuesday! Two weeks in a row? I know! I can hardly believe it myself lol. 

Last week I took a look back at how my style progressed over the years and it put today’s topic in mind so I had to do a second post.

Great pictures don’t just happen. They require teamwork! This post is not to discourage anyone with moving forward in booking a photo session, but primarily to inform so that you’re well aware of everything required to make a photo session a success!

A few things are required in order to make each photo session a successful one. Not to make it sound like clients have a weighty responsibility, but clients do have a responsibility, it’s not just showing up to have your picture taken lol. All I need from you as a client is to know: 1) what what the goal is for your photo session and 2) what you’re wearing. That’s it! Those two very simple but very critical items. Without them I can’t guarantee the same level of amazingness that you see on my site.

1445359455000 (3).jpeg

April 2011. An engagement photo that I thought was pretty cool. Very urban lol.

1445359455000 (4).jpeg

August 2014. Modified version of an urban engagement photo. It has a much bigger visual impact because I was aware of the attire and chose the location to compliment.

As you see, this wasn’t something that I always did, and although the photos turned out well, there is definitely something to be said for the final product of my images now. Teamwork makes the dream work :)

This is something that I’ve noticed a lot of newer photographers don’t do and something that I highly suggest to those that I teach. Implementing this very simple change (of knowing what your client plans to wear) makes such a huge difference. That way you’re able to head off any possible issues before they become one (possible outfit choices that may not photograph well, choosing a location that doesn’t compliment what the client plans to wear, etc) and you are able to more effectively create a cohesive look for the final images!

March 2010. I’m not really sure what I was going for here, but in retrospect, it didn’t work lol

1445359455000 (6).jpeg

June 2014. A complimenting background done correctly :)

I’m very much a planner and that’s why the photos you see turn out so well because I’m aware of who is going to be in the photos, what they’re going to be wearing, and with that I select the appropriate location. That way everything compliments and makes sense. But the only way I can do that is if I know what you’re wearing!

Worried about what colors look best? What to wear? You don’t have to go it alone. I am always available to assist!

1445359455000 (7).jpeg

October 2009. I set their session location without knowing what they planned to wear. Had I known, I could have made a suggestion for the dad’s attire to compliment mom’s a little better and selected a more complimentary location.

1445359455000 (2).jpeg

April 2014. I knew exactly what they were going to be wearing and selected the perfect location to compliment.

Now that you’ve got your outfit down, and I’ve selected the location. What’s next? How do you prepare for the session itself? Here’s a quick checklist of what you should do prior to your photo shoot:

* Is your hair done?

Ladies: flatteringly styled? Fellas: haircut/line up?

* Are your nails neat & clean?

Not necessarily polished if that’s out of the norm for you, but definitely neat & clean.

* Are your clothes well fitting? Ironed? Lint free?

Very important but often overlooked.

* Is your outfit accessorized properly?

Accessories help add personality and dimension to your photos.

* Is your skin moisturized?

Ashiness can be corrected in photoshop, but the easiest remedy is simply lotion lol.

Now this checklist may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many things are regularly overlooked! An easy way to think about it- prepare for your photo session as if you are getting ready for a fancy event. You want to look your best, right? Apply that same principle to taking professional photos. You’re making an investment so when you invest in yourself as well, it validates the entire process :) 

1445359455000 (1).jpeg

October 2010. I wasn’t sure of many things prior to shooting so I wasn’t able to plan effectively regarding the location or offer suggestions where necessary.


September 2013. Aware of what she planned to wear, I selected the perfect location for her and was able to make any necessary suggestions ahead of time!

Hopefully this post was helpful! Both to my current and future clients as well as fellow photographers! I know this is not how everyone operates, nor am I saying it’s how everyone should operate, but it is my process and it works well for me! 

Let me know what you thought of today’s post!

‘Til next time,

-Danni ♥