Gene & Gina | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

First up for Wedding Week is a wonderful engagement session that I shot this past October!

When Eugene reached out to inquire about my availability for their December wedding I was so happy! Eugene is a fellow photographer and it’s always an honor when a fellow photographer asks YOU to photograph THEM.  

We got everything set up, shot their engagement… THEN found out their wedding day had to be postponed due to his job assignment. Total bummer! Especially because I was already booked for their new date :(  But, it wasn’t a complete loss because we got this fabulous engagement session out of it!

Eugene & Georgina are absolutely perfect for one another (as you’ll see in their photos ;) I had a great time working with them and (since they are now officially Mr & Mrs) I want to send a huge congratulations to them both!!!

Wishing you many more years of happiness together!! 


So quick funny story: All through their shoot, Gene kept asking where the paparazzi was! Lol. A few folks said congratulations as we were walking along taking their pictures, but what happened next totally took the cake! A group of friends walking by, began congratulating them and were super excited about the whole thing lol. Then their friends drove by and hopped out of their car to join in the celebration! This was hilarious! Totally made our day :)


Back to your regularly scheduled programming lol.


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